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Titan #15: KRONOS

Kronus was, above all, associated with the destructive force of time which sooner or later consumes everything. He represented changing time. Kronus was married to his sister with whom they represented “eternal flow”, as they gave birth to a new generation of gods who then took control of the world, just like they had done in the past. He overthrew his father, Uranus with the help of his mother,Gaia and others and became King of the Cosmos.
It was the Golden Age of Men, a time of prosperity, peace and harmony between all living beings. It is said that in this time animals spoke with human voice and no one would get ill, physically or mentally. They had lived in harmony and in abundance of everything and even when they had died, death came peacefully during sleep.
He became paranoid when it was prophesied that he would be dethroned by one of his sons. He, in turn, swallowed his own children: Poseidon, Hades, Hestia and Demeter at their birth. He was tricked at the last moment and Zeus escaped this ordeal. Zeus grew up and freed his brothers and rebelled agains Kronos and his like.  DIMENSIONS: 3.5"X4.5"     $60

  • Tempers pride and arrogance
  • Calms recklessness- providing an balanced perspective
  • Can bring about state of blissfull happiness
  • Reduce pain - Curb appetite or desire to overeat
  • Protect from evil
  • Inspires creativity and being unusual to problem solving
  • Helps you from being impulsive
  • Helps you discover your “dark side” so it can be blessed and cleared
  • Helps you become centered and focused
  • Aids you in staying on task with the matter at on hand
  • Clears fears
  • Balances the effects of greed: physcially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually