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HephaestusFHephaestus is the Greek god of blacksmiths, sculptors, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes; thus, he is symbolized with a hammer, an anvil and a pair of tongs. He is the son of Zeus and Hera . Different accounts indicate that he was “thrown out” of Olympus due to being deformed or crippled. This banishment led him to beome a master craftsman. He was later accepted back to Olympus, and became the craftsman of the gods, creating majestic armors, shields and weapons.Hephaestus is creative, cunning, and an able metal worker. Weaknesses: Can’t handle his liquor; can be crafty, volatile, and vindictive. He was married to Aphrodite and created the famous Pandora’s Box. He was called Vulcan by the Romans.  Dimensions: 3.5"x4.5"  $60

  • Strenghthens ability to meet and over come life challenges
  • Clears memories responsible for rejection of self and others
  • Inspires creativity
  • Resolves issues of self worthiness and seeking approval from others
  • Creates ability to think “outside the box”
  • Increases the ability to listen to self for guidance, rather than others
  • Teaches you to see rejection as an opportunity to grow
  • Assists you in handling physical, emotional, mental, spiritual excesses
  • Clears memories responsible for being curt(short tempered)
  • Inspires creativity
  • Resonates to 963Hz: Divine Creativity
  • Bridges regenerating Nature through form and substance
  • Manifests rhythms necessary for transforming self to the next “level”
  • Internally creates language to talk to body’s building blocks
  • Brings function and order out of choas- both internally and externally
  • Clears ability to become distracted