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VIRTUAL OLYMPUS2OLYMPUS is a large 11.25” x 9.25” acrylic board. It is aa multipurpose energy board and has many levels of use. OLYMPUS is the “home” of our Titan Series of energy boards. All Titians can be used seamllessly with Olympus. In fact, they work even better. OLYMPUS is a next level energy tool. It was mad to work in balance with the massive energy changes that are now going on. It is the result of piecing together hundereds of fragmented designs and images that I’ve developed over the past 30 years. OLYMPUS is a call to HOME. Whatever that means to you. It creates a gateway, a very powerful vortex, with living Chi energy, surrounded by the Sacred Solfeggio frequencies. It is a gateway. It is also very very strong. You may feel a lot of cranial (head) pressure when you use OLYMPUS.The energy to power this gateway is received by directed forces from the Earth grid and surrounding planets, including the Sun. It is common to get very hot while using OLYMPUS.


  • Cleans and realigns crystals
  • Clears energy blockages
  • Provides clearer thinking and thought processes
  • Provides protection (ancient Atlantean, Avian knowedge)
  • Blue ray, white mist, gold ray- you become invisible to forces about you
  • Balances Divine Masculine and Divine Femine on physical, emotional, spiritual, mental planes
  • You can select which polarity (male or female) to work on
  • Use during meditation: provides instant clear pathway to your original akashic histroy
  • Energy rebalancing on physical,emotional,mental,spiritual levels - Immediately brings about a state of well being and peacef ulness
  • Connect directly to your subconscious/innerchild for infor mation and clairty
  • Creates an energy sweetspot: You become immediately grounded in the NOW.
  • Opens up crown chakra to much larger flow to 8th and 9th chakras