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Starter Set- “Fab 4+1”

HUH? First a history lesson:
Okay, first here's the mini story: About 6 years ago a blue light entered our home and went into my head... producing a vastly significant change in my consciousness. The result of this experience was the producing of small vials containing a special remolecularized/restructured water, each of which contained a unique vibrational signature.
The closest word to express this energy matrix was determined to be Arkangel. From this blue light source it was explained that there are Arkangels and Archangels. They mutually coexist. Arkangels are the keepers of the ancient sacred knowledge known throughout time and space. Archangels apply this knowledge. For you science geeks, this is similar to the phenomena of magnetism and electricity coexisting...
Since I had no idea what to call these Arkangels, I initially used names that were common to most of the major religions: Uriel, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Metatron. The 4 Arkangels: Uriel,Michael,Gabriel,Raphael, when placed in a square form the base of a blue energy pyramid whose captsone is Metatron. This was the foundation stone, the base upon which the Arkangel Project ( exists.
This energy signature pervades all living things and enables you to fluidly go through many levels of raising your consciousness. It changes the taste of food. Makes plants grow(just by placing them near the plant). Releases pain etc. People tune out to this because it sounds too incredulous. Well, if you have found this page, then IT has found you. That's how it works. That's really neat!
Possession of these vials will change your life. Period. How, that depends upon where you are when you start. There is no right or wrong with this... You start where you are.

Okay, let's get on with it:
This is a starter set of 5 vials at a great price to help you become acquainted with the technology of the Arkangel Project. These 5 vials can take you quite a distance on your personal journey, and then some... The set includes Arkangel Uriel, Arkangel Michael, Arkangel Gabriel, Arkangel Raphael and Arkangel Metatron.  These were the  first unit of Arkangels created for the Arkangel Project.

These first 4 Arkangels, Uriel/Michael/Gabriel/Raphael create the base of a blue/white light pyramid which is Metatronian in nature. The capstone of the pyramid is Metatron. The  first 4 vials(U,M,G & R) according to what I was told by "THEM" place you on the event horizon of a cosmic wormhole through which you can travel to any point in the Universes. They have a very unique effect on our perception of time and space. Things change and shift. Interested yet?  If you want to cannonball dive into the pool of the eternal Universes these are the puppies you do it with.

These vials create what we call the Arkangel Effect, an area about the individual which alters the time/space perception to about 6 feet.

That said, I'll try to clarify. These vials (or the Arkangel Project for that matter) are not better than anything else,  it’s just different. So much information has been received about it that it has been very difficult translating it into words.Imagine being given the complete knowledge of the Universe and someone approaches you and asks, “What’s new?” How do you answer the question? I hope you get my point.

This might be Ascension or when the Mothership picks you up.

Fab 4 + 1 Starter Set - $150