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Transducers: What are they?

Transducers transmit energy in a system, and sometimes convert the form of energy in the process. They “tap” into the enormous “sea of energy” around us and convert and transmit this available energy to your energy field for immediate use. All of our Transducers have gone through an evolution in design and vibration to meet the everchanging energy requirements of the world about us. GENERAL TRANSDUCER INFORMATION Each TRANSDUCER has its own name. T-1, T-2, T-3, and so on…. and contains a design called a mandala or electronic pictograph. Most TRANSDUCERS contain energized crystals which are magnetically sealed in an acrylic casing and surrounded by either a band of copper or silver. Please do not attempt to open the casing, for it will destroy the effectiveness of the TRANSDUCER.

Using a TRANSDUCER is very easy.

Perhaps the easiest way to use one is to carry it on you.
Another way is to lay down in a comfortable position and place a TRANSDUCER(S) on the body.
The most universal way of using a TRANSDUCER is to hold one in either hand, with your thumb and index finger lightly pressing on the circle in the middle of the design on either side.
All of the little circles and points in the TRANSDUCER’S design are activation points. By pressing each separately, together, or in sequences you will experience different effects.
If you hold your TRANSDUCER like this you may notice that the energy appears to “shoot” out of the opposing tip, like a PHASER from the STAR TREK television series.
You can direct this beam of energy at yourself or someone else for healing purposes.If you are using more than one TRANSDUCER at a time, stack them together in your hand as a single unit. You may want to experiment with different combinations.
Like T-1 and T-3 for example. Remember, each of us is uniquely different, and the same combination of TRANSDUCERS may create different effects in different people..
All Transducers have been completely redesigned by compter. What this means is the actual design itself is created in pure energy in a pure energy field, significantly improving the energy flow and workablity of each and every
Transducer. The colors and designs are more accurate and balanced improving each and every aspect of the Transducers. Experiment with them. You’ll love it!