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  • Aura Photography gives you the ability to capture the energy signatures of people and settings in a photographic medium.
  • Everything has an aura. They are energy distributions that exist everywhere & at all times.
  • Aura Photography is the practice of differentiating those auras meant for interpretation from background energies.
  • Auras can change very quickly. Even a moment of “thought” can drastically change a person’s aura.
  • A calm & clear mind will give the truest aura colors.
  • Pay attention to what part/side of the body colors emerge near. This can possibly indicate certain health concerns.
  • Aura colors about the head may indicate intellectual or spiritual qualities
  • Aura colors about the heart may indicate emotional qualities.
  • Aura Photography can also be used to interpret the energies behind a certain issue in one’s life.
We are now using a new program for taking AURA & ORB PHOTOS. Many people ask what do the colors mean. Here's one way of interpreting them.
  • WHITE  represents pure energy or light. White color can develop due to new energy entering a persons aura. When this new aspect of the person takes on strength, color will develop. Like all new thoughts and energy, it has the potential to develop into the highest good in spiritual, physical and emotional realms. If this color emerges from a person of high virtue, it is likely he result of pure energies representing the highest of truths
  • SILVER is the color of prosperity. It's indications are that physical, spiritual and financial health exist or are almost manifest. Bright silver orbs can be possible wealth or higher intelligences attempting to have contact with your life. This would be a good time to focus on opening yourself up to other realms. Listen for the subtle sound of angelic voices.
  • BLACK pulls in light and energy. It can be a good color when attempting to complete projects or obtain goals. However, it's benefit is only temporary. The same forces of attraction that draw prosperity to black, draw everything else. It represents the use of will without restraint or balance. It's energy will eventually result in sickness, loss  and destruction. Pay particular attention to the placement of the black aura color. This can indicate impending illness.
  • RED has to do with the physical body. Especially circulation and fluids. It is involved with romantic attraction, but also anger and anxiety. When red emerges from your body, it may be a good thing or bad. The model should ask themselves what energy is needed for their current situation. Sometimes the passion that comes with red is exactly what we are in need of.
  • ORANGE represents the ability to be external. It represents ability, excitement, courage,  productivity and achievement of goals. In health concerns, it is always a good sign. Orange color indicates friendship, family and social ability. When orange color is in your aura, it is time to be active. Go out and enjoy life. Move!
  • PINK represents love, compassion, sensitivity, affection, sensuality and possible romantic relationships. The person displaying a pink aura color either indicates a current healthy loving relationship with others or an impending one. Love starts with yourself first. A person with pink in their aura is ready to give themselves acceptance and appreciation.
  • YELLOW is the color of spiritual and intellectual awakening. It is usually optimistic and full of life. It is a good color for new endeavors and life reform. The yellow color indicates ability without ego or false pretense. A yellow aura ma not bring external riches, but any experience involving the yellow aura will bring new understanding and self development. The person with a yellow aura color is able to obtain the greatest wealth of all by searching within themselves.
  • GOLD is the color of spiritual guidance. The person with a gold aura has intuitive and inner knowledge available. Any effort they are currently involved in will not necessarily meet with success. But, the gold aura person can be proud of themselves in the effort. Inner virtue is a success in itself. The gold aura color is a good omen for any goals being pursued.
  • GREEN represents the earth. It is associated with nature and material harmony. It indicates balanced growth. A green aura color person can expect to have many aspects of their life increase. This will be accomplished with respect and in accord to the needs of others. Cooperation and involvement with others and your surroundings will be beneficial to the green aura person in accomplishing their goals.
  • BROWN represents goodness and possible growth. But, also limitation. It can reveal a consciousness that is self limited. If brown aura color comes p in a person they should attempt to think outside the box. They may achieve their goals, but more effective means are available than they currently realize. Sometimes a brief moment of inspired contemplation can be more useful than hours or days worth of effort.
  • BLUE indicates calm, sensitivity, compassion and intuition. The positive quality of blue aura color is approaching the world through emotional understanding. The possible negative result of a blue aura is being engulfed in emotions. There  is a danger of becoming emotionally overwhelmed which can lead to frustration and depression.
  • TURQUOISE is a healing color. It represents health, teaching, nurturing and a strong immune response. It indicates a person that is focused on emotional or physical healing. This can be either healing of oneself of another. If this interpretation does not seem to apply to the person's current situation, it shows a potential ability that may be untapped.
  • PURPLE shows a noble nature. The person with a purple aura color is worthy of the respect others. It shows leadership ability and endurance. This person has the potential to lead by example. Purple color indicates more substance than semblance.
  • INDIGO indicates a person with psychic awareness or ability. When this color appears, it is a good time to divine hidden meanings or the future. This person as the power to see past the obvious. Although they may not know it, they are capable of amazing advice to others. It is important to cultivate this purple psychic energy using intuition, not the mind.
  • LAVENDER relates to dreams, visions, and the imagination. The person with this color aura has the gift of seeing possibilities according to ideal states. They have a lot to offer in situations requiring creativity. But, they may be severely lacking when it comes to diligent work or follow through.
  • VIOLET represents both psychic ability and mental thinking about the present and future. It represents the combination of logic and emotion. It shows an energy that is usually a good combination for making correct life choices. However, if the person with this aura seems stagnant, a more unbalanced approach might be called for.
  • Orbs are spots of light & shadow that surround us almost every day.
  • They are increasingly coming to our attention, possibly due to our movement into a new age.
  • Current research indicates that they seem to interact with humans.
  • Orbs can be called to us through meditation, music & intention.
  • No one currently knows what these energy balls are. They are possibly multidimensional, spirit entities or a currently unknown life form.
  • Orb photography is specially designed to reveal Orbs that are around us.


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