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CD: Coming Home to Joy

IMG_2033A Special CD for the Holiday Season.... $10

The CD guides you through 4 different ways of attaining deep relaxation, helping you transform stress into a greater sense of Love ,Peace, & Joy. These higher vibrations are very conducive to greater levels of health and vitality.
Here's what's on the CD:

  • Track 1: THE INNER SMILE      sending the powerful smile into all the organs, digestive system snd spine. This transforms low energies and stress.
  • Track 2: DEEP YOGIC RELAXATION (Yoga Nidra) - A very deep & thorough relaxation that is actually more restful & healing than sleep.
  • Track 3: LOVING KINDNESS -  A guided journey to create the energy of compassion toward yourself, loved ones, and those you havelproblems with.
  • Track 4:LOVING YOU- Guiding you to new levels of appreciation for who you are now & the earlier stages of your life.