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The Ark of Uriel/Osiris is a stand alone piece as well as a piece which can be set upon our
Ark of Metatron. The 2 pictures below, show 2 possible assemblies. One is directly placing
the Uriel/Osiris Ark on top of the Ark of Metatron. The other variation is to place it on
top of the Ark of Metatron with the top removed. When this is done, the top can be used
as a broadcasting plate for doing energy work.
Pyramid with crystal capstone
The pyramid, called the Per-Neter by the ancient Egyptians/Khemitians,  translates as the House of Nature or House of Energy. Research now indicates that the purpose of the Per-Neter(pyramid), working in accordance with the laws of Nature, was to generate, transform, utilize and transmit energy. And that the pyramid would then act as a delivery system, a power plant, for the practical application of this energy. It is proposed that it acted first as a seismic tap, resonating in harmony with the Earth’s basic vibrational energy to generate a harmonic acoustical amplification of that basic energy.The smaller pyramid version of the Ark of Uriel/Osiris reflects this technology, just on a
smaller scale. Simply the pyramid sets up an Earth harmonic. Recent experiments are indicating
that the energy emitted from the pyramid tip forms a double coiled spiral, similar to dna or the caduceus coil.After much research we discovered that the ideal configuration for Arkangel Osiris is placing a single 88-1 or Neter 350 vial in each of the 8 slots on top of the platform. Then you just sit back and boogie. Things happen here. Shifts occurs.

63PP level of consciousness
The Ra Board and Chamber can be viewed from several different levels.Esoterically it represents the chamber beneath the pyramid, hence the underworld, the place where spirits go during the journey of transition. Mechanically it is an array of 44 vials placed within the Ra Board(which sets in the box(Ra Chamber). This arrangement of vials corresponds to 22 pairs of vials and a particular significance this arrangement has to the Ark of Uriel-Osiris. After a lot of information gathering we’ve come up with some interesting conclusions: Osiris was one of 12 ascended beings (whose name is Uriel when he is ascended) containing 2 strands of DNA containing 22 pairs of genomes.(genetic material) He was one of 12 original blueprints representing a perfect being or man, not human ( this was a hybrid
species between MAN and a now extinct race called HU). Osiris may have been the first ascended being to descend into physical, possibly a survivor from another Universe etc.... His 2 strands of DNA contained 22 pairs of genomes(referred to earlier) which were represented by the names of Neters.