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TEFNUT   literally meas the "spit of Nut". Nut is the great Mother Sky principle. Tefnut is a lunar goddess of moisture, humidity and water who was also a
solar goddess connected with the sun and the absence of moisture. She was also linked to the moon and was originally thought to be the Lunar eye of Ra.Tefnut was generally shown as a woman with a lions head or as a full lioness. The sphinx represents Tefnut as well as Sekhmet and two other
lioness goddesses. Tefnut was also strongly connected to Sirius as told by the oral history of the indigenous people.Tefnut had a twin brother named Shu who was the god of dry air. His name means "withered," "dry," "empty", "parched." Esoterically Shu represents the past and Tefnut, the future. Tefnut corresponds to all our potentials we may become even if we do not achieve some of them.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Tefnut urges you to look only at your potentialities and not dwell in your past which will dry you up and make you wither and feel empty. If you would like assistance with your path and what is possible for you, Tefnut can be called forth as a wonderful counselor,
She can help you learn to stay embraced with that from which you came forth even while seeming lost and confused along the journey.