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SATET (Satis) was believed to pour out the water into the Nile that caused the flood each year and thus created the fertility of the soil and crops. She was associated with the Star Sirius A because the flood coincided each year with the rising of that star. The flood itself was known as The Night of the Teardrop.  Every year Isis would shed a single tear which would be caught by Satet in her jar, then poured into the Nile. Thus Satet was most often pictured as a woman with a star on her head and carrying water jugs. She was also called the archer goddess of the hunt who protected Egypt and the pharaoh with  her bow and arrows. One of her titles was She Who Runs Like An Arrow, which is thought to refer to the river current. She was sometimes pictured with a crown with antelope horns as this creature lived along the banks in the south where the river flowed. She also is often seen with an ankh due to her association with the life giving flooding of the Nile. Satet was seen as the Source for the Nile which allowed life to flourish.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Satet is the energy of fertility in life. Satet is desirous of each person having what they need to live life in a way so that it flows. She asks us to trust that we will receive. She is also about the flow of life so that we can float in the waters of life instead of it feeling like we are swimming through mud. She also helps us stay tuned into the appreciation of nature and how to best flow in cooperation with its energies. Satet wishes to help us tap into her Wisdom that will allow the natural cycles of Nature to heal every aspect of life-- human, animal, planet, weather, food, air and such. She wishes us to respect nature and truly show gratitude for what we are receiving and
also creating.