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RA   was the solar god that was referred to as The Eye of the Sun. Everyday he travels over the sky in his boat with his sun disc. He stood for the rising sun, life, rebirth, children, health, virility etc.. Ra created himself our of the mound formed by the 8 deities that represent the primal, fundamental
state of the beginning. The 8 are what always was. In their interactions between the 8, things eventually became unstable. Out of this imbalance arose a new entity When the entity opened, it revealed Ra, the fiery sun inside. After a long interval of rest Ra and the 8 deities created everything else. WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: As we said earlier when speaking about Amun. Amun was the all encompassing principle of creation and represented the veiled Cosmic Consciousness. Ra    represents the unconquerable Sun of the human soul. So when the two merged, this was showing the Hidden Intelligence manifesting into the human soul. The Sun represents a fire energy. Fire energy creates transformation and alchemy. What fire touches has its nature changed. This is a Fire energy transformation time for us. Ra is that principle that , like the phoenix , understands that out of a seeming end comes a re-birth. Ra can easily stimulate and help with this time  period we are in. If you are in a huge change time, or need to be--Ra will help bring forward the energy and Light to keep moving ahead even though it is tough.