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MAAT Was the ancients concept of Truth, order, law-morality and justice sometimes personified as a goddess. Ma'aat was seen as being in charge of regulating the stars, seasons and the actions of both mortals and deities after she created order of the universe from the chaos at the moment of creation. After her role in creation and continuously preventing the universe from returning to chaos,
her primary role in mythology dealt with the weighing of souls in the afterlife to see if they could reach paradise successfully.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Similar to the Hindu god Vishnu , Ma'at is a sustainer of life, making sure that chaos is held off and order and justice prevails. She is also about helping us
lead the type of life spiritually to allow us to hold the highest vibratory rate possible. Ma'at is balance and harmony. Ma'at suggests that all reality consists of tensions of opposites and those opposites can either be in conflicting or harmonious relationship to each other. If you would like to have assistance with Balance, Order and  diminishing chaos sustaining your spiritual truth and keeping your heart light as a feather, Ma'at is there for you.