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KHONSU is the name of the moon god. Khonsu was based on the verb Khenes, meaning "to cross over", or "traverse" (the sky). It was saaid that when Khonsu caused the moon to shine, women conceived, cattle become fertile and all nostrils and every throat were filled with fresh air. Khonsu was also known to be a
great lover of games. His fame as a healer became so widespread in later periods that the kings called him "Beloved of Khonsu who protects the king and drives evil spirits".


WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: So for you, take your pick as Khonsu has many  aspects to call forth: fertility, increased oxygenation and health to the throat and lungs; a playful and joyful spirit that is powerful and yet able to  glide easily through life; and the powerful healing and protective abilities.