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KAUKET  was the feminine to Kek. She was also related to the day-- as she was called
"Bringer in of the Night". This shows her to be the goddess of the night that
came just before sunset--the twilight which turned into darkness. SEE ALSO #24, KEK.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Darkness is something that we are taught to fear r even consider evil. On the contrary, the void, or darkness is a very velvety, nurturing energy ripe with the potential for creation. The darkness is the nurturing energy we existed in inside the womb prior to birth.
Through the use of Kek and /or Kauket we can learn to reverse these fearful emotions and embrace the creative nature of darkness.The noise of TV, radios, pagers, cell phones and the like continually fill the aloness we so seem to fear. By avoiding this quiet, still, alone darkness, we are missing the relationship with ourselves and the real potentials we ha ve to utilize in our life. Kek and Kauket can help us no longer avoid our essential nature.