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ISIS  This High Priestess has been portrayed as fulfilling many functions. She can be mother, businesswoman, ultra strong, yet feminine in daily living. Yet on the grand scale, Isis is the one who gives birth to Heaven and Earth. She definitely understands multitasking!

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: In your day to day functioning, Isis can help you fulfill all your varied rolls and yet not feel diminished in stature in the Big Picture. Isis is also a great alchemist . She will help you turn the ordinary aspects of life and self into the extraordinary and sublime. Isis is the power to hold the thought of the Throne of God within one's mind whether that be only a faint memory or a vivid image. She is often depicted with the Throne of God on her head or mind.

Some other titles are:

  • Queen of Heaven
  • Mother of the Gods
  • The One Who is All
  • Light-Giver of Heaven
  • Moon shinning over the Sea