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HORUS is the falcon headed , sky and solar god. His parents are Osiris and Isis. He was  the personal symbol of the pharos representing protection and courage. It is said that symbolically he defeated all evilness in the world by defeating Set. His twin sister is Bast. There is much symbolism around the Eye of Horus. One eye depicts the sun and the other the moon. Within the eyes are sacred dimensions. Horus is also the symbol of man perfected after being educated by the female.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: If you are desirous of getting a clearer  insight into any type of situation, Horus is there to be brought forth.The insight can be toward outer things or deeply personal internal things. Horus  can help with physical eyesight problems too.Horus has strong protector energies for you  to call forth to help you feel protected and courageous. He will also help you convey   strength and courage toward other people you are assisting. For both the female and male, Horus is about the " enlightened" male (energy) having been instructed by the female ( energy). This flow from female to male and back to female is the natural flow. Today we tend to just push on that male " doing" energy without first receiving the intuitive female wisdom from within our " being" self. If you are wanting to create an easier and more balanced flow in your life, with clear insights, Horus is for you.