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HAUHET,  the feminine form of Heh, was a much more obscure goddess. She was a snake-headed woman who ruled over infinity with her husband. You might understand them as the active and passive infinity. The first act of creation is the formation of an egg which rises upon the hands of Heh and Hauhet out of the proto-matter. Out of the egg arises the light (Ra), the immediate cause of
life in this world.
WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: If you have issues around time, Heh and Hauhet are for you. If you feel pressed for time or don't feel like you have enough time, these two will help you feel like time is being manipulated for you so that you have "windows of opportunity".Are you beginning a new chapter or a new endeavor in your life? The creative energy of these two will help you get started, have the ideas you need and keep moving ahead.If you are feeling very insignificant , Heh and Hauhet
will help you realize your eternal soul and the value you play in this dimension.