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BAST  was the ancient Egyptian/Khemitian goddess of protection. She is known to carry the energy of both the sun and moon. As the cat goddess, she was depicted as a fierce lioness and then eventually as a much more gentile domesticated cat. Since vermin could come and destroy the store of grains, cats played a major role in protecting the food supply and were thus veneratedhe goddess Bast transforms into a cat at night to protect her family and those who call upon her. She can be fierce, like a lioness, when it is needed or gentle like a mama cat   with her kittens. She can help us to be fiercely independent and yet still soft and compassionate. She helps with our balance with strength and heart centeredness .
WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Bast loves working with parents and those expecting a
child to help them learn to protect and guide their child or children.If you have a tendency
to take life too seriously, Bast will help us learn to be more playful in life so we can
have more joy and less stress.If you are a cat lover or own cats, she may work through
them to assist you. She is not just a goddess that works with cats. Her energies are very
much attuned to all the animal kingdom as well as nature. Bast is strongly nurturing to
all creatures as well as humanity. Bast will help you learn to be as cool as a cat with a lot less stress.