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Through many succeeding cycles of time, Michael has
remained as the Guardian Overlord of the Angelic Host,
the Elemental Kingdom and humanity. He shall not
return home until the final Angelic Being is freed, the last man is redeemed and the last Elemental returned to its perfect state. This is the love of Lord Michael, who like many others, is a Prisoner of Love to the life he serves. Archangel Michael is referred to as the greatest of all angels. The given name Michael or Micha'el, "who is like God" or "likened unto God.  Archangel Michael's symbolic flaming sword of power and strength is tempered by love and compassion. Michael ranks as the highest of the host and is often depicted as winged with unsheathed sword. . Michael is the protection Archangel, patron of policemen and bringer of the gift of patience. Angel of careers, courage, achievements, ambitions, motivation, and life tasks. He is the great prince charged to defend the people.  Archangel Michael has been put in charge of nature, rain, snow, thunder, lightning, wind, and clouds. He was appointed to complete creation of angels to assist him and placed them under his command. These angels are countless  and no-one other than God knows their number. He was given the power to see  the entire span of the created universes at once, with no interference of other universes. He knows at all times where he has to send rain, wind,  snow, and clouds without effort on his part. The angels who assist him  range in size from the hugest size imaginable to man to that of the  mallest species living on this earth. They fill the entire atmosphere  of every star and planet in every universe. Their praise to God can be heard by the other angels, by prophets, by saints, and by young children.   Michael is the angel of mercy which is another name for rain in Arabic. He was created before Gabriel. Archangel Michael is believed to have appeared to Moses as the fire in the burning bush, and to have rescued Daniel from the lions' den. To Christians, he's the angel who informed Mary of her approaching death. The caller to prayer in the heavens is Gabriel and the prayer-leader is Michael.