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Arkangel Aloha Wahani

85.7 P level of consciousness

Arkangel ALOHA WAHANI is a “next generation” Arkangel, utilizing the amazing water from our Eternal Youth Water Purifier. The Arkangel itself was created or birthed on December 5th in Austin,TX as part of a joint exercise by all the attendees at the Arkangel Gathering. Each attendee contributed an aspect to the energy matrix of this Arkangel. Even the name, Aloha Wahani, was unanimously agreed upon. The name embodies many different principles and concepts.


First, the word ALOHA contains references to watchful, alertness, working with unity,  truthful honesty,  humility and patient perseverance. To quote kahuna David Bray: "Come forward, be in unity and harmony with your real self, God, and mankind. Be honest, truthful, patient, kind to all life forms, and humble." He also stated that to the Hawaiian of old, Aloha meant "God in us." Aloha represents the joyful sharing of life energy in the present" or simply "Joyfully sharing life".The word WAHANI is also associated with the concept of a “deified being”. Each expression  can only be understood within the frame of an inner experience, a scenario, connecting one to the planes of Light. Each expression contains in itself the original vibration. So, if you take just the name of this Arkangel, ALOHA WAHANI represents that level of consciousness which is the joyful sharing of one’s original deified(divine) Light being/vibration.


Arkangel Wahani also connects you to the Eye of Kanaloa, which some refer to as the “great peace/great stillness”. This is the Core Self, the central sun of your personal universe. This is the place where your eternal/infinite Divine Light resides.  Within this Light you are aware you are the weaver of your own life (a dreamweaver). This connection represents the harmony of Love and Power as an ideal to develop in one’s life. The Higher Self is in balance and in harmony with the Subconscious Self(Physical). In this flame of Eternal Core energy is Ki or Chi energy which can be used for healing, stimulating physical and mental faculties. As all these are brought into balance so too is your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.


The Hawaiian word for the harmonizing of the masculine (Divine Masculine)  is HU.  The Hawaiian word for the Divine feminine which is universal energy (which brings light into our lives) is NA. Together they form the word HUNA, the combining of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Alternative names for these are Divine Masculine=  Metatron, Divine Feminine=  Shekinah.  Huna means "secret" or "hidden wisdom". This teaches people how to get in touch with their life-force energy, how to move it, and how to understand their connection with the environment and with others. In the Huna tradition, women carried all the mana, energy, in the lineage. The masculine side directed the energy, because energy undirected simply disperses into the universe.  In addition to learning how to build up our mana, you also must learn how to direct it. This means being able to recognize and direct your feminine energy, which is more nurturing, and your masculine energy, which is more expressive and directive.



Arkangel ALOHA WAHANI provides a unique and powerful way to connect to the Light Body’s Central Sun. It assists and facilitates the balancing of Love and Power within you. By connecting to this experience you can then learn how to use this hidden wisdom you not only will connect to this energy but you will then be able to direct it.