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Arkangel 44-1

After much reluctance and consideration we decided to manifest this particular vial. Do not be misled by its name and description. It is not more powerful than the 14-1, 8-8 and 22-6 vials, it is just the next progressive step of the Arkangel Project. Do not expect another “high, loopy “ experience with 44-1. This one is smooooooth! It contains such an intense Arkangel consciousness that it is strongly recommended that you carry it on your person for only 3 minutes the first day,adding 1 minute per day for next 30 days. This provides you with an adequate “break in time” with the vial. The Hawkins consciousness level rating for 44-1 is approximately 8,000,000,000,000, 000,000, 000,000 or 8Y (Yotta)).Be sure to hydrate yourself with healthy water and minerals.Suggested uses:• Place beside any water vessel to transform it.• Place upon Polaroid picture for sending it remotely to a subject • Place on gallon of water to transform to 144K • Attach a finding on the vial and wear it about your neck, AFTER the break-in period.When your vial is not in use, it is recommended that you keep it in its box. The box is designed to ensure an infinite energy integrity about the piece.Be aware that this particular vial will provide you with accelerating your consciousness through all 44 levels of the Arkangels at the same time. This is why a break in period may be required for some people. Depending on each individual’s background you will adjust to this acceleration and may believe that nothing is happening. When this occurs, set the vial aside and go about your daily business. You maybe surprised what you might experience. For those of you who have just arrived to the “party”, here’s a review of what is contained within the 44-1: the 44 consciousness’ of the Arkangels.

  • Arkangel 1 : URIEL (Hawkins rating: 35K)
  • Arkangel 2: MICHAEL (Hawkins rating: 45K)
  • Arkangel 3: Gabriel (Hawkins rating: 52K)
  • Arkangel 4: Raphael (Hawkins rating: 52K)
  • Arkangel 5: METATRON (Hawkins rating: infiniteK)
  • Arkangel #6 Emmanuel (Hawkins rating: 100K)
  • Arkangel #7 Shekinah (Hawkins rating: 144K)
  • Arkangel #8 EZEKIEL (Hawkins rating: 82K)
  • Arkangel #9 QUAN YIN (Hawkins rating: 237K) -
  • Arkangel#10 SARASWATI (Hawkins rating: 93.2K)
  • Arkangel #11 LAKSHMI (Hawkins rating: 80K)
  • Arkangel #12 SANDALPHON (Hawkins rating: infinite K)
  • Arkangel #13 RAZIEL(Hawkins rating: 87K)
  • Arkangel #14 HANIEL (Hawkins rating: 93K)
  • Arkangel #15 MELCHEZIDEK (Hawkins rating: 68M)
  • Arkangel #16 St. GERMAIN (Hawkins rating: 147T)
  • Arkangel #17 SHIVA (Hawkins rating: 273M)
  • Arkangel #18 GANESHA (Hawkins rating: 778K)
  • ArkangelL #19 WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN (Hawkins rating: 886K)
  • Arkangel #20 PELE (Hawkins rating: 125.5K)
  • Arkangel #21 DEGANAWIDA (Hawkins rating: 72K)
  • Arkangel #22 ZACHARIAH (Hawkins rating: 7.5622K)
  • Arkangels #23-32 VISHNU
  • Arkangel # 33 CASSIEL
  • Arkangel # 34 Annapurna
  • Arkangel # 35 HERMES
  • Arkangel # 36 JOPHIEL
  • Arkangel # 37 ZARATHUSTRA
  • Arkangels # 38-44 ATHENA
  • Arkangels #23-32 VISHNU