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Arkangel 14-1

There have been many inquiries about a single vial containing all of the first 14 Arkangel vibrations. After much consideration, we’ve come up with 14-1. It stands for 14 Arkangels in One vial. Although it doesn’t have the flexibility of having individual vials for creating multiple grid layouts, 14-1 does have the unique quality of focusing everything in one itty bitty vial, making it very easy to carry etc.This vial contains such an intense Arkangel consciousness that it is strongly recommended that you carry it on your person for only 10 minutes the first day,adding 1 minute per day for next 30 days. This provides you with an adequate “break in time” with the vial. The Hawkins consciuosness level rating for 14-1 is approximately 144,000(minimum).Be sure to hydrate yourself with healthy water and minerals.Suggested uses:• Place beside any water vessel to transform it.• Place upon Polaroid picture for sending it remotely to a subject • Place on gallon of water to transform to 144K • Attach a finding on the vial and wear it about your neck, AFTER the break-in period.

  • ARKANGEL 1 : URIEL (Hawkins rating: 35K)
  • ARKANGEL 2: MICHAEL (Hawkins rating: 45K)
  • ARKANGEL 3: Gabriel (Hawkins rating: 52K)
  • ARKANGEL 4: Raphael (Hawkins rating: 52K)
  • ARKANGEL 5: METATRON (Hawkins rating: infiniteK)
  • ARKANGEL #6 Emmanuel (Hawkins rating: 100K)
  • ARKANGEL #7 Shekinah (Hawkins rating: 144K)
  • ARKANGEL #8 EZEKIEL (Hawkins rating: 82K)
  • ARKANGEL #9 QUAN YIN (Hawkins rating: 237K) -
  • ARKANGEL #10 SARASWATI (Hawkins rating: 93.2K)
  • ARKANGEL #11 LAKSHMI (Hawkins rating: 80K)
  • ARKANGEL #12 SANDALPHON (Hawkins rating: infinite K)
  • ARKANGEL #13 RAZIEL(Hawkins rating: 87K)
  • ARKANGEL #14 HANIEL (Hawkins rating: 93K)