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Titan #6: ZEUS

ZEUS-FMythology: In Greek mythology Zeus was the Father of the gods. He was respected as the chief of the gods and assigned them to their roles. Even the gods who were are not his natural children addressed him as Father. He overthrew his father Chronos and liberated his brothers and sisters who had been imprisioned by him. His main symbol is the tunderbolt. Zeus clearly represents the energy of being in charge and of clearing the path for new channels of energy. Dimensions: 3.5"X4.5"     $60

  • Assists you in dealing with conflicts arising from internal and external conflicts for power
  • Builds self reliance, standing on own two feet
  • Clears blockages concerning righteousness of self and of others
  • Resolving problems and confilicts peacefully, not following the path of force or violence
  • Learning to use discretion in life events
  • Resonates to 852Hz
  • Connects you to your Divine- both positve and negatively in perfect balance
  • Provides you the ability to look right into your Divine Soul’s Light -
  • Enhances your abililty to “foresee” the future
  • Activates access to your Akashic Records, making it easier to solve problems that arise through your own, experienced wisdom
  • Beneficial energy in helping and protecting others
  •  Encourages your spontaneity -