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Titan #13: ARES

ARESAres is the Greek god of war. He is one of the 12 Olympians, the son of Zeus & Hera. He often represents the physical or violent and untamed aspect of war, in contrast to his sister the armored
Athena, whose functions as a goddes of intelligence include miltary strategy & generalship.The Greeks were undecided toward Ares: although he embodied the physical valor necessary for success in war, he was a dangerous force, “overwhelming, insatiable in battle, destructive, and man-slaughtering.” His sons Fear and Terror and his lover/ sister, Discord accompanied him on his war .His value as a war god is placed in doubt: during the Trojan War , Ares was on the losing side. In Roman times Ares counterpart is Mars, guardian of the Roman people. Over time the mythology of both Ares and Mars becomes indistinguishable. DIMENSIONS: 3.5"X4.5"  $60

  • Control mood swings
  • Clear feelingsof self hate
  • Clear memories of undermining personal achievement
  • Increase mental, physical, emotional, spiritual focus
  • Increase self esteem - balance excessive passion on all levels which lead to “tunnel vision”
  • Increase ability to make be sound decisions
  • Resonates to 285Hz: frequency of primoridal chaos and uncontrollable rage
  • Deals with the concept of the “otherness” or Dyad, revoling against Unty
  • Creating polarity - clears aspects of audacity: separation from wholeness
  • Clears distress created from the anguish of yearning to return to Unity
  • Releases tension created from polarity
  • Clears discord created by denial that everything is connected to each other
  • Resolves feelings of simultaneously feeling divided and united
  • Resolves inner conflict, disunion, diemma, division, divergence, doubt
  • Resolves Man’s separation and alienation from Nature
  •  Redistributes the rhythimic oscillation of the Creation process