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6-sideview boxArk of Olympus:  $175 (does not include individual Titans)

It measures approx. 4"x4"x13" and is the home of the Titans. When the Titans are placed inside the Ark of Olympus it creates a battery 2-titan set and boxwhose energy can be felt by placing your hand on the outside of the Ark. Placing the complete assembled unit is an excellent source of energy for healing and rebalancing the body.

  • The designs on the Ark's casing were specifically were chosen for charging and amplifying the contents of whatever is placed within the Ark. They are derived from the images used on the Olympus energy board. Inside of the Ark is covered in soft felt, as is the bottom of the Ark. This will preserve and protect not only the Ark of Olympus but any surface it is place upon.
  • The images represent the balancing of cosmic forces physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Placing the name of a person within the Ark will assist in their healing process. The Ark of Olympus does not need to be cleared or cleaned.It is self cleaning. It contains the next quantum levels of energy that mankind is evolving into. It is the new energy paradigm.
  • Place crystals, water samples, jewelry etc. in the Ark to clear them of negative energies & supercharge them to very high levels.
  • 3-empty boxAs you begin to collect the Titans, they can be placed within the Ark of Olympus to maintain the highest level of energy for each Titan
  • Placing your Titans inside the Ark of Olympus will also clear off any energy debris they may have accumulated during use.











Ark of Olympus