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Aphrodite FMythology: Is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. Her Roman equivalent is the goddess Venus.Because of her beauty, other gods feared that their rivalry over her would interrupt the peace among them and lead to war, so Zeus married her to Hephaestus, who, because of his ugliness and deformity, was not seen as a threat. The ancient Greeks identified her with the Ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor. Dimensions: 3.5"x4.5"   $60

  • Aphrodite teaches one to live outside the box, to act, think and believe independently. While, at the same time, expecting respect for what you do.
  • Artists from many disciplines may find solice in Aphrodite
  • Resonates to 444Hz- Key of David
  • Connects you to the “beauty” of your inner child/subconscious
  • Creates the Quintessence or “fifth being” of nature, encompassing and infusing the four elements (solids,liquids, gases,plasma) with the life they cannont create by themselves alone.
  • Develops profound insight into living nature and how it connects to all people
  • Seeing the infinite in everything around you
  • Psychic protection
  • Provides deep understanding into your regenerative powers.
  • Releases you from believing you a victim
  • You become more aware to the web of life: Made visible in everything around you
  • Builds self reliance