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Personal Numeronics Number

For those of you who don’t have time to take our Numeronics class this may be what you’re looking for. Your Personal Numeronics Number is exactly that- a number, representing a harmonic or vibration, that is specifically designed to assist YOU in manifesting your chosen intention. Rick evaluates each client’s individual needs and determines a favorable intention to pursue. He then translates this data into a vibrational rate (personal numeronics number) for you. Many people like this feature, particularly if they feel unsure of themselves in determining their intention or divination skills.  The price includes all work, including follow up sessions.(usually 3 or 4)   $25

Long Distance Clacking Sessions

The Clacking technique is available for everyone, regardless of distance. If you can’t be there in person to receive the integration, you can schedule a long distance / remote session. The effects are identical. Since there is so much past/future life information uncovered.   $50