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T-1 Transducer

It seemed appropriate that we reintroduce our famous T-1 Transducer at this time. There is so much going on in the world today that  you can easily feel overwhelmed. The T-1, along with our Little SID and Big SID disks are excellent tools on hand to remind yourself the “inner healer” which dwells within you at all times.

A T-1 TRANSDUCER transmits energy in a system, and sometimes converts the form of energy in the process. It “taps” into the enormous “sea of energy” around us and converts and transmits this available energy to your energy field for immediate use.


Using a TRANSDUCER is very easy. Perhaps the easiest way to use one is to carry it on you. Another way is to lay down in a comfortable position and place a TRANSDUCER(S) on the body. Possibly the most universal way of using a TRANSDUCER is to hold one in either hand, with your thumb and index finger lightly pressing on the cir cle in the middle of the design on either side.

  • All of the little circles and points in the TRANSDUCER’S design are activation points. By pressing each separately, together, or in sequences you will experience different effects. If you hold your TRANSDUCER like this you may notice that the energy appears to “shoot” out of the opposing tip, like a PHASER from the STAR TREK television series.
  • You can direct this beam of energy at yourself or someone else for healing purposes.
  • If you are using more than one TRANSDUCER at a time, stack them together in your hand as a single unit.
  • Remember, each of us is uniquely different, and the same combination of TRANSDUCERS may create different effects in different people..


More Suggested Uses:

  • Aim T-1 at a specific part of the body. The energy comes out the tip of the triangle on the disk(see diagram). When held in your hand, the energy can be mentally controlled to transmit out the end of the tip of the triangular design on the disk. Simply form the intention of sending energy to that body part.
  • The T-1 TRANSDUCER clears blockages of energy and promotes energy to flow more easily in the body.
  • .It is usable for a wide variety of applications. Some customers have said that the T-1 TRANSDUCER helps reduce pain.
  • Others say that it makes them feel less tired and more energetic.
  • Why not pick one up and find out for yourself? *
  • Aim the TRANSDUCER at a specific part of the body. When held in your hand, the energy can be mentally controlled to transmit out the end of the tip of the triangular design on the disk.
  • Place a TRANSDUCER upon a friend/client for energy balancing. *Place a TRANSDUCER on a photograph, preferably a Polaroid, to transmit the energy to the person in the photograph. Be creative and invent new ways of using your TRANSDUCER.­



  • Either on yourself or someone else, lie down or sit in a relaxed position.
  • Place T-1 upon a part of your body. Relax. It will transmit energy to the affected area. You can place more than one T-1’s­ on the body at a time.
  • SLOWLY ROTATE the disk on the body. If you meet resistance to the direction of rotation, rotate the disk in the opposite direction. This will dislodge energy blockages.
  • Be inventive, placing them in different designs/patterns on the body.
  • Place T-1 on a photograph, OR a hair sample, to transmit the energy to this person long distance.






  • Hold T-1 as shown during meditation or any relaxation exercise.
  • This provides a very powerful and enhanced experience.

t1 MMxii

THE T-1 connects to ancient Celtic and Kabbalah sources & reflects an evolvement of the ancient sign of alchemy. The design itself reflects the influence of an evolving Pythagorean mysticism. The orignal symbol represented the four elements combined with water.. The small inner circle represents water, source of life. The large triangle is fire, the outer circle is air. The inner circle is within an inner chamber, representative of the subconscious/unconscious/inner child. This is in turn is nestled within a crescent or higher self. The two parallel lines correspond to the evolving square or earth quality. This is the transitionary time/space we are currently passing through. The black dots correspond to the Arkangels Uriel, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, forming the base of Blue/white light pyramid of Metatron. The smaller line with zigzag extending from it corresponds to a temporal energy bridge between realities,hyperspace itself.(this is a region beyond time and space.