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Dimensions: approx.3″x6″

Based on the Hindu Sri Yantra The SHREE is a handheld design matrix based on the divine Hindu Sri(pronounced shree) Yantra. Following is background material about the nature of Yantras and the Sri Yantra.


  • A yantra, in the Indian tradition, is literally a “device” to be used for spiritual advancement. It is an expression of the Deity in geometrical form. It embodies profound energies which make it a powerful source of inspiration and is illustrated sometimes on a special paper using various colors and symbols pertaining to the method of the Yantra to be made.
  • It is a technique or path, considered the simplest and shortest, through which one can attain one’s desires, and fulfill one’s wishes.
  • The Yantra is a special geometric design, which is the visible form, or energy body, of the mantra, and the planet to which it corresponds.
  • Yantras sometimes supplement the power of mantras and are as strong as the mantras themselves. If a mantra is the invisible driving force, the yantra is the visible means to gain power and wealth, ward off evil and illnesses, nullify the ill effects of planets, bring you luck in love & life, enhance your capabilities – and bless you with almost any material comfort or spiritual benefit you desire.
  • The Sri Yantra The Sri Yantra – or Yantra of Creation – is the most revered of all Hindu yantras. It is often considered to be the Mother of the Universe Herself, the incarnate Goddess Who both embodies and transcends time. This very ancient symbol made an interesting appearance in modern times. It happened as a result of a series of experiments in the field of cymatics (the study of the interrelationship between energy and matter.)The sound vibration patterns which are generated by the many angles of the triangles of the SRI YANTRA were calculated by using the essential element of the circle around the triangular patterns, PI (3.1416) as the basic unit to which all the other ratios could relate.


  • Each design element of the Sri Yantra has a special significance. Central dot: represents the Source of the universe;this dot, or bindu, is the “singularity” from which all manifest reality emerges.
  • Central Part: contains nine triangles.
  • 4 upward pointing triangles represent the raw,unmanifest power of the universe- that which is beyond our scope of senses.
  • The upward 4 triangles are thought of as the divine masculine aspect.
  • 5 downward pointing triangles represent the divine feminine aspects of the world. The Sri Yantra forms a unity, embracing the divine masculine feminine energies , It is this transcendent Reality, call it God, Goddess or Perfect Emptiness (as in MahayanBuddhism), which is always intimately intertwined in everything that we see. God or Goddess is the very fibre and life of our existence here. More on
  • The elements of Yantra: According to Vedic philosophy, the natural elements produce different effects in the Yantra when it is energized through worship and meditation.
  • The five elements in this universe are: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether (Akash) Generally a Yantra is composed of a square on the outside with four projections forming a T-shape structure, circles, a row of Lotus petals, and triangular forms inside the Lotus petals. Sometimes there are two triangles overlapping each other, making a six pointed star; sometimes many triangles are superimposed on each other in a pyramid form; and inside all these Geometrical forms is a point or a sound.
  • The Point (Bindu): A point, called Bindu in Tantra, holds a very significant position in the Yantra and is the center of the geometrical structure. The point signifies unity, the origin, and the principle of manifestation and release of the supreme consciousness. The point has great metaphysical significance and is the point of the union between the aspirant and divine. It gives to invisible form a substance, and manifests the invisible. It gives ability to the aspirant to be able to connect to the divine.
  • The Circle: A circle is the expansion of a point. The point is the most condensed form of energy, and a circle is its extension. With the radius of desire, this point draws a circumference around itself and it expands. This expansion is growth in dimension, which broadens the scope of a point, yet it also imprisons the point as an individual unit, making an individual consciousness out of cosmic consciousness. Thus, you can connect your individual desire to the cosmic consciousness by concentrating on the circle during the energizing worship.
  • The Triangle: A triangle, which is composed of three lines, is needed to make a pattern or form. A horizontal line representing inactivity and stability forms the base of the triangle.
  • The two vertical lines meeting at a point on the box of the horizontal line represents the principle of movement – transition from static to dynamic.
  • A triangle pointing upwards draws the attention up and away from the world; it represents the male energy or the Yang forces.
  • A triangle pointing downwards takes the attention down and represents the female energy or the Yin forces.
  • Equilateral triangles represent balance or harmony between the Yang and Yin forces, so that as our desires take shape or form, we do not loose our balance.
  • The Square: A square is made of four lines, two of which are vertical lines representing movement and two are horizontal lines representing stability.
  • Together it creates a balance. Thus the confined space inside the square represents our materialistic need in life, stability, solidity and contentment.
  • Lotus Petals: A Lotus represents the 5 natural elements of the universe; Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether in its purest form. The lotus petals in a Yantra usually appear in a circle, which itself is inside a square. These lotus petals are known as the lunar mansion or Chandra (Moon) Mandal and the circle outside is known as the Solar Mansion or the Surya (Sun) Mandala. The Surya Mandala is portrayed by 12 lotus petals. This represents the twelve signs of the zodiac the Sun moves through during the year. The Lunar mansion is shown with sixteen petals because the Moon has 16 phases or 16 kalas during its cycle from new moon to full moon.
  • More information included with your Shree..


  1. The best way for you to use the SHREE is to sit on the ground in an open space, where you can have a clear vision of the sky. Place SHREE in left hand and relax, taking long deep breaths.
  2. SHREE can also broadcast to remote locations by placing either a picture(polaroid) or hair sample of your subject on top of the unit.
  3. SHREE is also totally compatible with all our other One Force Products too. It can be “stacked” with several other products to achieve different effects.
  4. Have fun and experiment!     $45