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Merlyn Cosmo Board


The Merlyn Cosmo Board (MCB) is a very powerful energy tool for creating and manifesting by entering hertzian frequencies on the keypad. The keypad is the digital input for the MCB and is attached to two transducers which connect it to the board itself. The board’s design and layout significantly amplify the input from the keypad. The keypad has the numbers 0-9, the letters a-F, F(0)-F(3), DEL, SPACE, ENTER, and two Arrows. The numbers you select are entered by pressing their corresponding number on the keypad.The letters on the keypad represent musical notes you want to program. (use F(0) for the musical note G) F1 is used for the physical level F2 is used for the emotional/mental level F3 is used for the spiritual level Left Arrow is used with the musical notes and denotes a flat (like B flat) Right Arrow is used with the musical notes and denotes a sharp (like C sharp) SPACE is used when you are using more than one number frequency at a time ENTER is used after you have entered your information and want to send it DEL is used to either delete what is entered or turn MCB off If the person/object you are working on is before you, place it either on top of or beneath the MCB.(size permitting) For example, a person might place their hand on the disk, or place a crystal on the disk etc. Remember, the best witnesses for broadcasting to are Polaroid (#1 choice) and hair(#2 choice).  $245