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Cosmic Grid Info

The Cosmic Grid is a special combo package for you to consider. On the surface looks like our famous “Fab 4 +1” Arkangel vials PLUS our Galactic Harmony Board. But you would be very very wrong. This is at least the next generation of Arkangels. We’re calling these the FAB5. They are based on our Fab 4 BUT these contain base elements which are far higher in consciousness than the originals. They have evolved. These vials are more structured and focused. Softer yet more powerful. And the spin on their energy is in a right hand direction. The original Fab 4 were in a left hand spin. If used with the Fab 4, the Fab 5’s help form a balanced interweaving coil of energy for healing . The “HUM” During assembly they are embedded with a very powerful sacred sound: The Cosmic Hum. After they are assembled and embedded they are then placed in our ARKANGEL Chamber of a minimum of 24 hours. This permanently anchors in these TRANSFORMATIONAL ENERGIES. This makes a BIG DIFFERENCE as to how these items interact with each other…. This Hum creates and projects the original energy cloud of manifestation with a pulsating sacred sound, including specific frequencies for vital life energy for enhancing health and well being.” For more on this incredible phenomenon check out Jonathan Goldman’s latest CD: the Cosmic Hum. If you haven’t noticed, the Earth is humming, singing, cranking out a tune without the aid of battery , computer or any stringed or wind-up mechanism. This hum is mystical and very weird. Even scientists are now saying that the planet is generating a constant, deep hum of noise which produces a very unique kind of music. It is huge: forming swirling loops of sound, of unfathomable depth. It is so low that it can’t be heard by human ears. It roars from the water, wind and rock. This curious tonal phase bounces off the mountains and spins over the oceans, penetrates tectonic plates, swirls in magma, bounces off clouds and hits into trees, bouncing off your rib cage and spinning over the planet’s surface in circular loops like dozens of lazy hurricanes. It’s been called the “Earth’s hum,” but no one what it means. I believe this is the Cosmic Hum. But there is much more to it than this. It is very ancient.

We are now discovering that all the spheres, planets, quasars, stars, moons & whirling galaxies all vibrate and hum like a stellar chorus in a black hole. Mystics and poets and theorists have pondered the “music of the spheres” (or musica universalis) for eons; it links philosophy, sacred geometry, mathematics, cosmology, harmonics, astrology and music into unity.