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AURAMEND 1 & 2 Personal Aura Repair Kit $20 each
•Relieves Stress, Fatigue & Anxiety,Trauma Effects •Builds Aura •Repairs Holes & Tears

AURAMEND 1 & 2 are two different easy-to-use products for mending holes and tears in your aura.Aura HOLES and TEARS are attributed to TRAUMA, ranging from radiation exposure from chemical pollution, to accidents, shocks, depressed psychological states etc. An intact aura helps in maintaining a healthy, vibrant individual….you. You feel better, your mind/head is clear; you are are full of energy etc.

  • AURAMEND 1 is based on the vibration of the mineral GOLDEN C.
  • AURAMEND 2 is based on the vibrations ofgold, brookite, red spinel, and several other rare minerals. To use, place either vial in your hand or pocket. That’s it.