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We're living in some really "special" times right now. And I've been trying to understand why all the Arkangel vials and Atomic Chair work and behave the way they do. I've told the story... you can go to  and look on and check it out, but there were pieces missing. I've found some or perhaps all of them.

I ran into some valuable information from a fellow by the name of David Wilcock. He is allegedly the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. To some folks that is a big "aha!"... not to me. I find it an interesting correspondence at best. What I do find helpful is David's interest in explaining the mechanics of energy systems. To see him in action go to and check out 2012 Enigma from which a little of this information comes from. You can also check out is latest book: Source Field Investigations.  To me it seems to be right on the mark, particularly since I've built things around these concepts without knowing why. Decide for yourself. I personally find it amazing how it relates to the Arkangel Project.

That said, here's how and why the vials/Atomic Chair work the way they do... It's very interesting.

  1. The first item to consider is Spacetime. This is what we live in. It has 3 dimensions of space and a single dimension of time. This single dimension exists because we perceive experiences in a LINEAR fashion. They start and end. That's linear and that's time. You can move throughout the dimensions of space in 3 directions. But time is fixed and moves forward like a river.
  2. If we flip Spacetime we would have  Timespace:  there would be 3 dimensions of time to us and one dimenion of space to us.    Here you could easily move through TIME(in 3 dimensions) . This is where we have dreams: it's the dream plane, astral plane etc. The distance traveled over there equals time travel over here. Got it?
  3. Next, we have natural stargates, which are the chakras. They are different levels of your soul where your thought processes unconscious processes.  When you practice raising kundalini meditations or clearing your chakras you are collapsing these centers together into a tight nested set of spheres which focuses all of this energy into one spot in the center of your brain. When this focus is achieved you are seeking a "channel" to connect you to reach your higher self.  The center of your brain is the pineal gland. This alignment effect is what happens in the Atomic Chair...

Stay with me now.... The center of the brain is the pineal gland which is shaped like a pine cone. When it is fully awakenend, "in light" it allows you to access the world "tree of life" which is the location of all spiritual wisdom and knowledge. There's more:

  • at night, when the outer light goes down,  the pineal gland secretes melatonin to induce a sleep cycle (you go beddy bye)
  • at  this point the pineal gland also starts secreting large amounts of DMT (dimethyltriptamine)
  • DMT is a substance found in South American potions: yopo and ayahuasca. DMT experiences include profound time-dilation, time travel, journeys to paranormal realms, encounters with spiritual beings(Arkangels?) or other mystical/transdimensional  modalities
  • PINEAL GLANDS BIG SECRET: it is filled with water! (Just like the Arkangel Vials, Atomic Chair etc.) The water contains very tiny microclusters in the shape of dodecahedrons and when when the DMT kicks in, they flipflop or invert into Icosahedrons. This is the key. Dodecahedrons lock you in Spacetime. When the flip happens to the icosahedron the water is now in Timespace! And then you're in 3d Time etc.
  • The pineal gland contains both rods an cones like your eyes and has both audio and video output. It is the source of your imagination and root of the famous "spiritual silver cord".
  • So,  when the light goes out, this lessening of light activates some type of electromagnetic shield around this interior water camber, shielding it from the waves that keep us stuck in spacetime and opens it up into timespace. It's the water that does it! 
  • this increased EM activity feels like a pressure, buzz/tone or acceleration inside your head. All of which is experienced using our Arkangel vials. It further explains why people see what they see in the Atomic Chair. It's activating the pineal gland for the big show!
  • this experience can be forced using LSD & psychedelic drugs which forces DMT secretion and accelerates the process. The potential danger here is that the pineal's em activity can become stuck on even while awake. Schizoophrenia, delusions and waking hallucination can result!
  • Because we're using only our remolecularizd water there are none of these concerns. Apparently we're doing it with Sound and Sacred Geometery.

The Atomic Chair, similar to the Montauk Chair(from the Montauk Project) interfaces with your consciousness. It helps you get to a place within yourself, making it much more powerful. Practicing at this level of consciousness enables you to create wormholes, time travel, whatever your imagination can generate. Anything and everything is possible.

All this we've built so far.... I think it's incredible synchronistic that this information is coming together at this time.