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Arkangel Construction

The Atomichair sits within an 8‘tall Golden Mean Pyramid 


Each base corner has a Golden Mean Pyramid designated to Uriel, Michael, Gabriel & Raphael.The capstone is Metatron.

2 geometric forms are above and below the


The Icosa-dodecahedron(over the head)


The Dodeca-icosahedron beneath the seat


These forms  correspond to the relationship between Space Time/Time Space.Their position in the pyramid stimulates your pineal gland while in the coherent light field.

  • Arkangel is a hologram built in Space Time corresponding to its twin in Time Space.It is literally at the exact point where both realities “touch”
  • “ARKANGEL” is a temple/library/link/portal between both realities.It links you to the eternal flow of everything. It has no purpose and yet has purpose...
  • ARKANGEL educates, heals, transforms, raises consciousness, enlightens and more... There is no description of what its purpose is or what it does. It is
  • The colors and effects that are captured on aura photos are the data  stream between SpaceTime and TimeSpace.
  •  These are the communication  links between planes.
  • This creates “being in light”  in the human body experience.