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SOL- Solfeggio Crystal

site.SOLSOL is a Solfeggio sound/frequency enhanced crystal which can be used for meditation and for healing purposes.

It contains 9 Solfeggio frequencies plus 3  others. The 9 Solfeggio frequencies are responsible for "lighting up" your 7 chakras plus the oversoul(#8) and Divine(#9). These 9 align you with your aspect of Divinity within and all about you. The other 3 Solfeggio frequencies send you back to connect to your totally unblemished, prehistory subconsciousness, as well as connecting you to all possible variations of your journey to the future. $60

  • You overall body's vitality is significantly increased
  • All aura distortion is IMMEDIATELY cleared
  • your aura expands approx. 15x its size with no distortion
  • Your White Light increases 1000x
  • Pineal gland function triples
  • You feel a strong and immediate calming effect
  • Corrupted data in your consciousness is removed
  • An immediate focus of the I Am Presence is experience.
  • Consider this a sonic/frequency first aid crystal.