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Crystal Programmer Tool: XLP1

XLP 1 is a 3.5”x8” programming board for crystals, water, herbs, practically anything you place on it. You can even “charge yourself” by holding it in your hand. The secret to the XLP1 is its internal charging circuit. It programs out negative attributes and programs in positive attributes: the best of both worlds. Here is a list of what it programs:

Blockage Blood Pressure Blood Sugar Imabalnce Body Imbalance Brain Pwer Emergency
Thought management Anxiety Better Memmory Depression Entities Exam Stress
Forgiveness Indecisiveness Oxygenation Phobias Schizophrenia Honesty
Love Right Conduct Truth Ego Fear Compassion
Control of senses Detachment Deterination Faith Gratitude Time management
Optimism Patience Positive feelings Poverty Power over desires Relaxation
Respect for teachers Smile of inner joy Steadfastness Appreciation Awareness Contentment
Devotion Education Enthusiasm Helplessness Protection Serenity

XLP1 is self cleaning/clearing - it is maintenance free. To charge, place item or hold for 3-5 minutes. DONE.