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Key of David Solfeggio Tone

KODWhat is the Key of David?

  • KEY OF DAVID is a structured water concentrate containing the Master Solfeggio Tone frequency of 444 Hz. This particular frequencies resets, via the water in your body, your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. It is responsible for enabling your body's higher intelligence to "kick in" and rework, rebuild, re-member, itself.
  • 444Hz assists you to become "intoned" (go into a state of intonation). This is the achievement of a perfect energy/vibrational pitch. You are able to resonate properly with yourself and your environment. Doctors now consider stress to be the cause of disease. Being in a state of intonation removes stress and you feel better. Healed? You better be the judge of that. But we've been seeing rather "immediate" improvement when using this 444Hz frequency.
  • This is a very important frequency. Its importance is such that we're calling it a Master Solfeggio Tone. By tuning to this pitch/frequency, most of the other Solfeggios fall right into place. Coincidence? I think not...

Why is it called the Key of David?

  • Recent discoveries have revealed that the tuning to 444Hz began with the historical figure of King David himself. Although known for slaying the giant Goliath, he was also a musician who played a kinnar(lyre) that was tuned to 444Hz. This frequency was credited with many miracles in the day. So, that's why we're calling this concentrate the Key of David.


In Nature there are certain frequency pitches called Solfeggio Tones which are aligned with your body, Nature and the Universes. When music is tuned to them it creates an expanded and fullness which is very pleasing on the vibrational level. Musicians and regular people alike are discovering the secrets of these ancient frequencies.Without getting into too much background, suffice it to say there has been a quiet little war going on to control the awareness of these frequencies. Music today was standardized back in the 1930's to tune concert A to 440Hz. If I lost you here, don't worry. Here's all you need to know:

  • When an orchestra tunes itself before a concert it always starts with the oboe player playing the pitch of concert A. All the instruments are then accordingly tuned to this pitch.
  • There is a reason: you can't tune an oboe to anything but itself. So all instruments must tune themselves to the concert A it plays. 
  • This "A" is 440Hz. It is such because that's the way the instrument is designed. Okay, so much for music theory.
  • It always wasn't this way. Prior to the 1930's you could tune to 444Hz for concert A. The music played sounded fuller and was very moving to anyone who listened to it. 
  • But this mess has been going on since the 1600's.

Contemporary musicians record albums and perform in concerts tuned to the 444Hz frequency because of its appeal!

  • The Beatles: Strawberry Fields Forever
  • Lennon and McCartney's songs: Please Please Me, Imagine
  • Michael Jackson: Black & White, This is It 
  • Paul McCartney has been recording and performing, tuned to 444Hz,  for over 10 years

Why is The Key of David so important?

  • When you become intoned to 444 Hz you are now able to receive the benefits of Solfeggio Tones. It connects you to the "universal flow" permeating the Universes.

How to use the concentrate:IMG_1741

  1. Taking just a few drops of Key of David willl intone you to a higher "octave" placing you in balance with EVERYTHING. YOU ARE CALM...
  2. Place a few drops in ANY container of water or beverage and DRINK.
  3. Add drops of KOD (Key of David) to bathwater
  4. Add to aquarium, pet water, pet food
  5. Add to your food when cooking
  6. Take it straight! Squirt some drops into your mouth.