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WADJET  Most information lists her primarily as a snake-headed protector of lower Egypt. She has also been revered as the goddess of childbirth, the protector of children and later as protector of kings. Wadjet is often shown with a cobra on her head or as the head of a cobra. Legend has it that Wadjet was the daughter of Atum, the first god of the universe. He created her as his eye. Her purpose was to search the Universe for his lost sons. Wadjet did find them and Atum was so happy to see them that he cried. It is said that those tears made humans. As a reward, Atum placed Wadjet upon his head as a cobra. There she would be respected by all .Wadjet is seen as a rearing or coiled coba, anointing the head with flames. In the Pyramid Texts Wadjet is linked strongly with nature. She is connected with the forces of growth.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Wadjet is an indication of the Divine Wisdom from the Solar-forces emerging from the brow. Wadjet definitely displays the risen kundalini forces emerging from the brow. When Wadjet was sent out by Atum we can understand that the Primordial Energies will
do whatever is needed to make sure that creation does not get lost and bogged down. The Primordial Energies take each resurrected son and daughter as a necessity and so the rising wisdom of kundalini coming into the head is given to each of us and becomes activated along our journey as a beacon or homing device for ourselves.If you are wishing to help activate kundalini or remove blockages to the flow of this energy, Wadjet is there to are feeling lost or abandoned, Wadjet will help you remember the Truth that no one is ever abandoned or left on their on to figure things out.