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SHU means dryness and he who rises up; He is the personification of air. Shu was created by Atum from his breath. As the air, Shu was considered cooling and thus a calming influence and pacifier. He is shown wearing ostrich feathers on his head and carrying an ankh, the symbol of life. He is considered responsible for holding the firmament and separating it from the earth.
WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: As the principle of the air element, Shu can help with both internal (body related) adjustments of this element as well as those pertaining to weather, sky, quality of air etc. Balancing this element can help us feel calm, refreshed, healthy, cool and satisfied.As the element of air also has a connection, esoterically, to thoughts and the thinking process, balancing this element
with Shu will assist us in feeling connected to wisdom, love and clarity . When this element flows without imbalance or resistance, life has a much higher frequency. When this element is out of balance it can allow the thinking process to be more inclined to create fear, anger, sadness, isolation, and a general disconnection from the good life. We will end up feeling like we are suffocating. Shu can help us find our way out of this type of situation.