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SET (SETH)  The name means either "one who dazzles" or "pillar of stability". set was the god of the desert and was viewed as immensely powerful. Sandstorms were said to be under his control. He was regarded as a warrior. It was Set who protected Ra on the solar boat, slaying the chaos serpent each day so to allow the sun to rise. Set became the patron deity of soldiers hoping to acquire his
destructive force, or Set's infinite protection.The myth of Set's conflicts with Horus, Osiris and Isis appear in many sources. If taken literally, Set seems to be the "personification of evil" as he pokes out the left eye of Horus and kills his brother Osiris and tears him into 42 pieces. In this myth, we are seeing the struggle between wholeness and the separation that existed after "the fall". Set is the
principle of duality that was created in consciousness with the dramatic decline in frequencies
on the planet. We are being shown the effects of moving from wholeness into fragmented thinking.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Set can be see as the human (ego based) side of ourselves that exists in pure innocence and yet is feared, dreaded, hated, that this is our "dark side".First of all, we are not our ego and we have no dark side.  When we are identified with the ego side we can feel that this is not true. As a child grows, it needs to be given the opportunity to learn and make mistakes . It need guidance from a loving, non-judgmental, wise person. This is also the case with the dawning or birth of new awareness that is happening. To judge what we did in ignorance serves no purpose other than to create a hell. To judge or be non-forgiving for what others have done is also another hell. Remember Set's name means "pillar of Stability" or "one who dazzles". This is our identity no matter what we have done. Set is here to remind us of the growth we are involved in and he also helps us be non-judgmental of self and others.Set also is one who slays the serpent of chaos that could stop the solar boat from making it through the lower realms and prevent the sun from rising each day. Who could not use a slayer of chaos. These times are the personification of chaos in many instances.
It is either chaos or our misperception of a new order coming in and Set can help us make it through these chaotic times with his protective energies.