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SEKHMET   is the female consort of Ptah depicted with the body of a woman and the head of a lioness. Her name literally means "The Power" In many of the temples Sekhmets face is found with blue pigment, connecting her also with Sirius. It was felt that a few of her statues were actually portals to Sirius. She stands for motherhood, unconditional love and tough love. This is the kind of love that patiently lets a lion cub chew on her ear until it goes on too long or gets too rough and then she gives the cub a woop .This tough love gave her the title of a warrior and champion of the gods. Although she is a potent and feared god, the loving side was known to be potent for healing.
WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Esoterically she paves the way for spiritual evolution by fighting and destroying the evil inherent in ignorance. She also heals the heart of mankind.If you need to shore up your strength and power or feel like you need a loving and strong protector, you can use Sekhmet. Or if you wish to be able to feel strong, mighty and yet loving, then she can help you with that too. If you just
need her loving furry paw on your aching heart-- you got it!! She just might also provide you a dimensional doorway to do some traveling in the stars.