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RENENUTET in Khemitian/Egyptian mythology was the anthropomorphic deification of the act
of gaining a "true Name", an aspect of the soul , during birth. Her name means "she who gives Ren". Ren being the word for "true name". It was said that newborns had Renenutet on their shoulder from the first day and she was referred to as "she who rears".Her name could also be interpreted in an
alternate and more esoteric manner as Renen-utet rather than Ren-utet. This name means "nourishment snake". The secondary meaning also led her being considered the source of nourishment, thus a goddess of the harvest. The importance of the harvest caused people to make many offerings to her during harvest time, leading to her being seen as a goddess of riches and good
fortune. Renenutet was seen as the mother of Nehebkau who was in charge of binding the Ka(the shadow figure) and Ba (life force) of the soul.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: No matter how you look at Renenutet, she is a very esoteric energy. She is much like your personal guardian angel in that she is there from the beginning making sure that even in this world of form and maya, your true soul identity (name) is held intact. If you are feeling fragmented by life and away from your "core". Renenutet will help bring you back to your center. As the "nourishing snake" she can help you dust off the "muck" from your energy centers so that the kundalini can awaken and rise bathing you in its golden, nourishing essence. Also as goddess of the harvest and good fortune, she can help you plant seed and nurture the seeds of success in life, work, relationships, spirituality, health, etc.