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PTAH is said that Ptah called the world into being, having dreamt creation in his heart and then speaking it. His name means "The One Who Comes from the Blue, through the Water, from the Stars". Ptah was always depicted with a blue head covering or blue skin. Ptah is usually depicted with Asian eyes, a Caucasian nose and African lips. He apparently represents many races as the "Father" or progenitor race from Sirius . In art he is shown as a bearded mummified man often wearing a blue skull cap and holding an ankh & djed, the symbols of life, power and stability.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Because he called creation into being, he is that part of ourselves that is in a constant state of expansion and creation. He dreamt first in his heart and then spoke it into being. Within those few words are the magic of how we manifest. The secret is the heart, the great divine throne. If you are learning of your manifestation powers or wanting to connect to the beauty of creation, or make a star connection Ptah will be your guide.