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NEKHBET was the predynastic vulture goddess. She grew to become patron of Upper Egypt and a guardian of mother and children. She was depicted as a woman wearing the crown of Upper Egypt or the vulture headdress , her wings spread in protection while holding the shen (symbol of eternity) in her talons. Linked to the pharaoh and the crown, she often appears in war and offertory scenes in vulture form hovering over the head of the pharaoh, holding the shen symbol and the royal flail. Yet she is also shown sometimes as a divine mother of the pharaoh, suckling him. In later days she was venerated as goddess of virth, specializing in the protection and suckling of both the gods and the pharaoh's.Vultures, like pigeons are  always seen in pairs and so they are often used as a term for lovers. Motherand child remain closely bonded together. Pairing, bonding, protecting and loving are essential attributes with a vulture. Because of its immense size and power and its ability to soar high up in the sky, the vulture is considered to be nearer to God. Thus the qualities of a vulture are associated with godliness. On the other hand the wide wingspan of a vulture may be seen as all encompassing and providing a protective cover    to its infants. The vulture can be quite forceful in nature while defending their young.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: So for you, Nekhbet will help you feel the royalty of your Divine nature and feel deserving of the nurturing loving and protection she wishes to give you. She can help you soar in mind and spirit so that you feel the godliness ever
present within you.