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NEBTHET(NEBTHYS) is goddess of the underworld, darkness, dreams and all things hidden and mysterious. She is the keeper of all the secrets of the world. She is also sister to Isis.Here is a beautiful invocation to Nebthet : "Gentle nebthet, grant us tranquility and peace of mind so that we may hear the quiet still voice of Spirit.Reveal to us that which is right to know and steer us toward the path of emotional stability."

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: She rules the night and is keeper of all secrets of the world. You must ask for her to reveal herself. She is a gentle  and helpful influence.We have a tendency to grow up fearing the dark, the unknown and even the mysterious things and people we don't understand.
Nebthet oversees this world . Remember the womb that we were totally nurtured in for nine months was a dark velvety place that was not scary . The void from which all came is pictured as dark. Nebthet understands the mysteries of creation and death. if you have a need to understand something, she can help. If you are just needing reassurance and trust in a dark or unsure period of time, Nebthet will provide what is needed in strength, courage, wisdom,comfort etc.