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was the ancient god of fertility associated with water and also procreation. He was believed to have created humankind from clay like a potter. His name
means "unite", "join", or "build". As a potter, he was thought to mold the body of the child and its "Ka" before birth. ( The ancients believed that a human soul was made of five parts: Ren or name; Ba or individual persona; Ib or  heart;Sheut of shadow; and Ka or life force). Khnum was called the "Father of Fathers" and the "Mother of Mothers". He also gave health to the child after its birth. As a water god, Khnum was considered the source of the Nile river.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Khnum will certainly help people who are desirous of conceiving a child. On a deeper level, KHNUM as the giver of Ka or life force can work with anyone who is in a weakened condition or wishes to channel "life force" energy to someone. As a creator of the human
form, Khnum certainly has the higher grid work for the human physical structure and can help restore it to it's original Divine Matrix.