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IPY (OPET) was a hippopotamus goddess known as a protective and nourishing deity. One reference to her is when the monarch calls her mother and requests her to suckle him with her divine milk so that he would "neither hunger nor thirst... forever". She as well as many other goddesses were also associated  with pregnancy and protection. She was sometimes described as " Lady of Magical Protection".
WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: If you crave some benevolent, nurturing and protective energy, Ipy will do this. If you are in a situation where protection of a stronger nature is needed, Ipy can help here as well. The most esoteric of meanings has to do with the "Divine Milk" that would keep one
from hunger and thirst forever. This could be a reference to the activation of the higher centers (chakras) that will take one into frequencies that frees  up the pull of the human and animal natures of the mundane world. There is a substance called Amrita in the Hindu tradition. This substance is a fluid that can flow from the pituitary gland down the throat in deep states of meditation. It is considered quite a boon , One drop is said to be enough to conquer death and achieve immortality. The Hindu teaching probably came from the earlier period in Khemet/Egypt. The common term for
this is the "elixir of bliss". So Ipy can also help you with your own spiritual activations and
meditation practices.  $44