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HATHOR  is another sky, cow, Milky Way goddess. Hathor concerns herself with beauty, love, joy, marriage and watches over women giving birth. She is also the protector and sponsor of dancers. It is said that there is actually a whole race of Beings called The Hathors from the higher dimensions of Venus. They are said to be masters of sound, tones and vibration. They are also said to hold the vibrational tones which are the lock and key to the dimensional gates and portals.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: So... if you are desirous of more feelings of joy, love, self worth, Hathor will reassure you of your Beauty both inside and out. If you are a musician or in the arts , Hathor is waiting to be called forth. If you just love to dance a jig at home and sing in the shower, Hathor will be
your greatest cheerleader . Even these vibrations will elicit wholeness and health with Hathor called forth. If you love to work with crystals, singing bowls, bells and toning for healing and upliftment of self, others or the cosmos, you will have strong wisdom based from Hathor to you,Hathor inspires parents and assists those giving birth so that they can be nurturing and still feel nurtured themselves.