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GEB was the son of Shu (the past) and Tefnut(the future) and husband of  Nut. Through Nut he had four children, Osiris, Isis, Set and Nephythys. Geb was the god of the earth. His counterpart Nut is
goddess of the sky or firmament. Together they represent space or above and below. Many cultures associate the earth with woman but the Khemitians/Egyptians chose a male. Geb can be portrayed as an over-sexed male if you  take literally the myth of Geb as he married his twin sister and had sex with his mother. He is even often pictured lying on the ground with an erect phallus. This, however, represents the continuous on-going productivity and fertility of the earth. Earth was called the House of Geb. He is shown either as a dark or green skinned man with leaves on his skin. He sometimes wears the ATEF crown or a goose on his head. The goose was sacred to Geb. He was sometimes called The Great Cackler. It was said that Geb's laughter was the source of earthquakes.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Geb provides the nourishments and fruits of the earth to all. The idea of Geb as a healing god is also found in texts dealing with scorpion stings and how to heal them. He produces so many herbs that have both nutritional as well as healing properties. As representative of the earth and the earth element, we can ask Geb to help us balance this element within us. When the earth element is in balance we feel stable, strong, enduring and feel like we have strong foundations from which to create in our lives . Digestion will also be strong when Geb balances within us.