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BENU is related to the verb "weben", meaning to rise, rise in brilliance or to shine. The Benu bird was said to have flown over the waters before the original creation.   It's cry broke the primeval silence and this determined what was created. The Benu's own birth was attributed to self-generation, "the one who came into being by himself". The Benu bird was said to each morning appear under the form of the rising sun and was suppose to shine upon the world from the top of the Persea tree in Heliopolis (city of the Sun) where he renewed himself. It is said that the Benu lived for 500 years before building a nest of aromatic boughs and spices which it then set ablaze and was consumed within the inferno. From the inferno, a new Benu bird arose. WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU:According to Madam Blavatsky the Benu is "the bird of resurrection in Eternity,,, in whom night follows day, and day the night---an illusion to the periodical cycles of cosmic resurrection and human re- incarnation...". Benu reminds us that " to every time there is a season..." , We are being reminded first of our immortality. Next reminder is of our ability to create life anew after  destruction or failure. Benu give us the clarity and the strength to build anew out of our   ashes. Benu exhibits the successive destruction and reproduction of the world as well as our lives. Generation, to Sustaining, to Destruction/ Transformation is always going on.
When we resist these cycles we only create misery and pain.